BLP0099188-2For consumers, there are many benefits that come with a new refrigerator and freezer. After all, refrigerators and freezers tested under the new federal minimum energy standards are more efficient and cost effective over time — approximately 25% savings on most full-size configurations.

Another benefit? The new products have been tested using the most cutting-edge procedures that recognize today’s advancements in technology and product innovation.

There are also many new features available on these new refrigerator and freezers — features you probably didn’t even have to consider when you made your last refrigerator or freezer purchase. Some examples include:

  • New refrigerators and freezers are more spacious on the inside — leaving more room for storage — while maintaining the same size footage on the outside as previous models.
  • Manufacturers are designing products with multiple doors and drawers for added convenience. New configurations are also available now — and most new products will offer popular, through-the-door ice and filtered water dispensers.
  • And, there’s also a wider range of options for exterior color and materials for your new refrigerator or freezer.

More than ever, doing a little online research via manufacturers’ websites can be helpful before you do any in-store shopping.